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Power the curiosity of energy production, hydropower and alternative energy sources with the PowerWheel micro hydro generator.

A concrete, miniature example of a real world application, enabling teachers to capture students' interest in science and technology.  There's something for everyone with an array of experiments and STEM focused lesson plans catering to the educational demands of students from kindergarten to the 12th grade.

The PowerWheel unit hooks up to a classroom faucet or outside hose for easy use.

How much power does the PowerWheel output?  With standard residential water supply it will produce 12V at 5.5 Watts.  This is ample power to charge a cell phone or a laptop computer.

The PowerWheel Bundle Includes:

✔ Bridge Rectifier
✔ An LED Light Strip
✔ All the Wiring to Convert the AC Output to DC (for powering battery powered devices)
✔ User Manual

Lesson Plans Include:

✔ All utilize or can be related to the PowerWheel
✔ All can be linked to a National Science Federation Teaching Standard
✔ All include basic information suitable to adapt for every grade level (starting points)
✔ All written lessons utilize the lesson plan template
✔ All written lessons provide ability to move up Bloom’s Taxonomy