It’s a microbe’s world, and we just live in it.

Our innovative STEM kits leverage student creativity and ingenuity while exposing them to the magical world of microbes.

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When I was first introduced to the MudWatt, I knew immediately that I discovered gold!  The MudWatt is a great tool to help your students see their environment, especially mud, in a whole new way.

Doron Markus, STEM Coordinator, San Mateo Office of Education

Carry-on MudWatt.  Carry-on.

Bill Nye (yup, THE Bill Nye)

My son loved the MudWatt!  He got really into it and we had a great time building it together.  Great experience overall!

Travis M. (Geeky Dad)

As both an educator and a parent, the MudWatt has proven useful to me in getting students excited about science.

Brooke Jude, Mom & Biology Professor