DoughLab:  Bake and Learn

DoughLab: Bake and Learn

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DoughLab is packed with fun, tasty, and educational experiments with yeast, dough and bread. It comes with everything you need to perform over 5 experiments in your kitchen or classroom and learn about gluten, yeast, and how to create perfect loaves of bread. You can even inflate latex gloves using the power of yeast!

Activity Time:

  • Preparing your dough:  30 minutes
  • Letting the gloves inflate:  30 minutes
  • Baking: 30 minutes
  • Tasting the yummy results: 30 minutes
  • Total: 120 minutes

Key Features:

  • Create delicious loaves of bread while learning the awesome science of yeast.
  • Inflate plastic gloves using the power of yeast!
  • Perform over 5 experiments to find your perfect bread recipe and learn about yeast and gluten
  • Single Kit includes enough materials for 3 loaves, plus additional experiments: 1lb High-gluten flour, 7g dry yeast, 3 baking tins, 4 graduated mixing containers, inflatable gloves, wooden mixing sticks, measuring spoon, sugar and salt packets, and a 20-page educational pamphlet
  • Classroom Pack is a pack of 4 DoughLab kits.  It contains enough materials for 12 loaves, plus additional experiments: 4lb High-gluten flour, 28g dry yeast, 12 baking tins, 16 graduated mixing containers, inflatable gloves, wooden mixing sticks, measuring spoons, sugar and salt packets, and four 20-page educational pamphlets

What age is this for?

We geared the educational content for ages 8-12, but we've had hobbyists and foodies really like the kit too.

Will this be messy?

Not necessarily.  We've designed DoughLab to be self-contained and to create no mess.  However, if permitted, we do encourage the kids to feel the differences in their dough using their bare (cleaned) hands to make the experience more visceral and memorable.

What do I need to provide?

You'll need to have access to warm tap water, a pair of scissors, and a marker.  Also, if there are special ingredients you'd like to add to your dough (like artificial sugar, spices, chocolate), then you'll need to provide those too. We provide you with everything else you'll need!

Is my bread safe to eat?

Yes!  All materials used in DoughLab are FDA compliant and "food safe".

What happens if I let my dough sit for a long time?

When you first create your dough, the yeast will be activated and will start respiring aerobically, creating the carbon dioxide bubbles that make yeast rise.  However, if several hours pass, the yeast may start respiring anaerobically, creating acids and alcohols which will effect the smell and taste of the bread.

Should I worry about allergies?

The flour mills used to supply flour in DoughLab may also process other foods, such as peanuts, throughout the year.  So if you have severe food allergies, we don't recommend playing with DoughLab.  Also, the gloves provided in this kit are latex-based, so you may want to avoid working with these gloves if you have a latex allergy.


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