STEM Bundle

STEM Bundle

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Engage in all three of our STEM Kits!

-Create Clean Energy from Mud with MUDWATT

-Bake and Learn with DOUGHLAB

-Discover Bioluminescence with BIOGLO

MudWatt: Generate Electricity from Mud! Explore the power of microbes with the MudWatt™ STEM Kit. Microbiology, Energy, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Engineering, all in one experience! Great for learning at home or in the classroom!

DoughLab: Learn, Experiment, and Create! DoughLab takes the art of experimentation to a whole new level, allowing kids to take the lead and design their own experiments. Discover the science behind bread making and create your perfect loaf! Great STEM activity for learning at home or in the classroom.


DoughLab: Bake and Learn! from Magical Microbes on Vimeo.


BioGlo: Discover Bioluminescence with BioGlo, a truly unique aquarium that maximizes visibility and interaction with one of nature's most beautiful phenomena. Dive into the mysterious blue glow and take STEM learning to exciting new place with living ocean light!


Magical Microbes BioGlo: Bioluminescent Aquarium from Magical Microbes on Vimeo.